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Fly'n Brian's Resoles

Fly'n Brian's Resoles is now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before settling in Las Vegas in 1998, Fly'n Brian applied his craft in many major climbing areas across the United States. His 20 year old reputation for quality resoles was primarily built on the East Coast before '98. Brian's first shop was located in the back garage of the Gendarme at Seneca Rocks before moving to the New River Gorge for 6 years.
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"It is cheaper to get your shoes done too early rather than too late!"

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Blue Water Misty

"If the shoe fits and climbs well it is worth resoling."

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Do I need a resole?

Most repairs I see could have been cheaper if they were done sooner. Look at the sole closely around the big toe. How thin is the sole? If the tiny toe area is more than 75% thinner than the rest it would be a good time to resole. Once again, look closely, once you have worn through the sole you will be climbing on the rand rubber which will wear through and require a new rand as well as a sole.

What if I only need 1 shoe fixed on my pair?

In 20 years and 10,000 pair of shoes I don't think I have seen this situation. It is best to keep both shoes in the pair as even thickness as possible to avoid one shoe needing repair while the other is nearly new. It would be like fixing one brake on one side of your car.

What is a rand?

There are two layers of rubber on your shoe, the rand and the sole. The rand is the layer above the sole. Rands wrap around the shoe and fold underneath to give the sole something to attach to. >> more

"Any shoe is repairable."

Fly'n Brian's Resoles